New Customers


Standard Resume Packages

We offer three Standard Resume Packages with a variety of features to meet your job search needs – packages include a customized cover letter, LinkedIn profile, job board postings, recruiter email blast, and more.

Career Change Resume

Career Change

Career Change Resume packages are perfect for new customers who are seeking to switch industries or career paths, or customers who have been out of the workforce for an extended amount of time and are now looking to re-enter the working world.


Curriculum Vitae (US or International)

CV packages can be for both US and international jobs and are focused on academia, research, or sciences.


International Resume

International Resume packages for those who are applying to jobs outside the US and want a tailored resume specific to their target country.


Military Transition (Military-to-Civilian)

Military Transition (Military-to-Civilian) Resume packages are perfect for those looking to transition from the armed forces to civilian jobs.

Some things you should know about our professional resume writing service:

1. We don’t use templates.

Because you are not like everyone else, so our professional resume writing service starts from scratch. This way, we can emphasize your special skills and experience and make you truly stand out.

2. We provide a very personalized and professional resume writing service.

Our resume writing service includes a personal telephone interview with a Certified Professional Resume Writer who takes the time to get to know you. Writing a powerful resume takes time and thought – that’s why we don’t rush through it and turn out a product in just 1 day.

3. We don’t entice you with low-cost resumes and then add on charges for the other things you need.

All of our professional resume writing packages are complete with exactly the right documents required for your job search.

Prior Customers

Prior Customer Resume Update

Resume Update

Resume Update for existing clients to add 1-2 new roles to a prior resume without having to pay full price for a new package.

Prior Customer Resume Retarget

Resume Retarget

We offer a special Resume Retarget package for existing clients who are looking to switch industries or careers.

Free E-Book - Read This If You Want To Get a jobFREE with your order! A guide to optimize your job search.

Learn the best practices for using job boards, leveraging LinkedIn (including what to say to people), developing your elevator pitch and effective interviewing techniques. A $45 value.