Professional Bio

Professional Bio


Our Professional Bio helps you stand out to employers or introduce yourself on a website or company “about me” page


Our Professional Bio gives a one-page narrative summary of your career achievements and what you bring to the table today. We’ll highlight your key career accomplishments as well as your vision, mission, or defining values to showcase not only show what you do, but why you do it.

A few ways to use your Professional Bio include:

  • Networking Tool – when a resume is too much (or too forward) and a business card is not enough, a Professional Bio can be sent prior to a meeting or as part of your follow-up
  • Publishing Opportunities – such as blog entries, articles, white papers, or anything you publish online or offline
  • Introduction – add to a speech, presentation, or media interview to highlight your background
  • Website Content – for an “about” page or on a company’s leadership team profile page
  • Conference or Event Program – for presenters, speakers, or trainers to give others a sense of who they are listening to
  • Proposal / Bid – emphasize your skill set and value to clients who are assessing you for work or hiring opportunities
  • Post-Interview – leave behind a profile summary for hiring managers to remember you by