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We Offer Prior Customers A Discount to Refresh Previous Resume Content

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Add new job experience to a resume already written by us

  • Must be targeting the same type of role as the prior document
  • Add up to 3 new roles and remove excess content from prior experience
  • Refresh formatting and make minor edits to profile summary as needed



Re-purpose your previous content to target a new role or area of focus

  • Add new job experience
  • Refresh document formatting and profile summary
  • Adjust prior work experience to align with new job target


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Consultations & Coaching

Your resume is crucial, but it’s just one of many steps to getting hired. Get the career advice you need to target the right jobs and go from interviewee to future employee now!

Interview Coaching ($299)

Your resume will get you in the door, but that’s just one part of what it takes to get hired – use our 2-hour interview coaching to get the job you want!

Get two hours of in-depth interview coaching with a Job Search and Recruitment Expert. We will help you prepare measurable, meaningful examples to address even the toughest interview questions, and we’ll help you get a sense of the types of questions you will be asked for your target role.


Career Consultation ($99)

We often find that our customers have a strong resume but may not be applying to the right types of jobs that match the skills shown in the resume.

We provide one-on-one consulting with top career management experts to help you understand whether you should be applying to different roles or if your resume is holding you back from get noticed by hiring managers.



H.M. – Senior Executive

Because of your resume and helpful advice, I just accepted a job with a 30% pay increase!

C. S. – Sales Executive

I have sent out less than a dozen resumes and got 2 interviews in the first 24 hours!

B.N. – IT Project Manager
My phone has been constantly ringing for the last 2 weeks! I’ve already had interviews and expect 2 job offers any day now.