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Career Changers: Determine What Your Transferable Skills Are

Choosing to change your career path is not always an easy decision, especially if it means having to start from the ground up again. That’s a sacrifice that many who are changing careers must face. The better you can translate transferable skills to the employer, the better positioned you are to enter your potential new…
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Show You Qualify for the Job When You’re a Career Changer

A common problem that exists for job seekers who are trying to change careers is that they fail to properly communicate to employers how they qualify for the job. In many cases, the career changer may personally see how they qualify for the job, but there is a lack of personalization and customization to the…
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Tips to Get the Resume Ready for a Career Change

Good resume-writing is about knowing how to appeal to the target audience. When it comes to the career changer the task of getting the resume ready can seem insurmountable. How does one with no direct experience appeal to the employer? With the help of a professional resume writer, there’s a game plan to help highlight…
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How to Give the Resume a Boost for a Career Change

It’s one thing to update your resume with additional experience and skills gained on the job for the next job in the same profession, but it’s a totally different ball game when it comes to a career change. For anyone going through a career change, the resume needs to take a different approach – especially…
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5 Simple Rules of Advice for Career Changers

Every so often someone looking for a career change would ask me, “How do I go about a career change and tackle the challenges of impressing the employer when I don’t have direct experience in the field of work?” My answer is to follow 5 simple rules: