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What You Do on Social Media Can Impact Your Job Search

Recruiters and hiring managers are using social media to help screen applicants. What they find out about you on social media ultimately leaves an impression. That impression can be strong enough to impact their decision on whether or not to invest time in interviewing you or hire you. For years now, recruiters and hiring managers…
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4 Things to Share on LinkedIn to Build Your Professional Brand

There is plenty of talk on what you “SHOULD NOT” share on social media if you’re in the process of job searching, but what about what you “SHOULD” share to help build your professional brand image? The fact is employers are looking to LinkedIn and other social networking platforms to find talent. Sharing the wrong…
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Social Networks for Job Seekers to Help with the Job Search

At one point job boards were the way to go when it came to job searching. Today, if you’re job searching, you had better be on the major social networks or you’re losing out. The obvious ones include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but did you know there are several more that can help with improving…
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