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The Go-To Resume Checklist

If finding a new job or a new career is on your mind, it’s time to get started with the resume. A well-written resume that speaks to what hiring managers are looking for will help open the doors to job interviews. Without it, you can find yourself job searching to no end. Even when you…
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5 Tips to Successful Job Searching If You’re Over 50

There are hurdles to job searching when you’re over 50. Those over 50, or otherwise nearing what many call retirement age may sometimes be looked upon as a non-ideal candidate for hire. The question many employers may be considering is: “Why invest in someone who may be in it for only a few years when…
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Resume Writing: The Pros and Cons to the Different Formats

One size does not necessarily fit all, especially when it comes to the resume. Not only do job seekers need to customize content to each employer, but they also need to consider which resume format best suits the task at hand. Not every job seeker fits into a perfect mold for the traditional chronological resume…
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Why the Jack-of-All-Trades Resume Often Fails

If you’re job search is lacking results, evaluate if you have a Jack-of-all-trades resume. In other words, if you have a resume that’s displaying a message that you’re great at everything, you may be missing the point of what the employer is looking for. A generalized resume lacks focus. The key message to the candidate’s…
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Applicant Tracking Systems: What’s Changed and How Does It Impact Resume Writing

Applicant Tracking Systems, also known as ATS, have grown in use by many employers. Those in HR rely on it to help run through the loads of resumes that come in and rank the top resumes worthy of review. Why does this matter to the typical job seeker? Well, if you’re applying for a job…
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