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Want A Good Resume? Write an Ad

Every day I get dozens of resumes from people who want me to critique their resume. And in most cases, they all have the same problem. They are written from their point of view, listing the roles and responsibilities they have had over the years. They assume that someone will read their resume and then figure out how they can be used in their company. You have all probably heard that someone will spend 7-10 seconds scanning your resume So that means that the only people who will read your resume is usually you, your spouse and maybe your mother.

CareerBuilders’ View on Resumes

Here are some statistics from a research study conducted by CareerBuilder. The good news is that it is a candidate’s market: 55% of recruiting managers said it was difficult to find good candidates last year – and 81% said it is equally or more challenging this year. And here is what a hiring manger is looking for in a resume.

CareerBuilder Announces Video Resumes

CareerBuilder will begin taking video resumes in June they announced. That means that candidates who have video resumes can upload them to the site. So I wonder, is this good?

How Much Should A Resume Cost?

Everyday someone either asks me why I am so cheap or so expensive (yes, many folks wonder why my prices are so low). If you search on the internet, you can find resume writing services priced from $39 to $1,500. So I thought it would be a good idea to describe what I think a reasonable cost would be for a resume.

Tips for Return to Work Mothers

I frequently work with women returning to the workforce after 1-14 years of managing the home front. If that sounds like you, here are some tips on how to reflect this period on your resume.