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3 Tips to Highlight Your Value on the Resume

“What can you do for me?” – That is the question every employer is asking when they are skimming through your resume. Value is seen when what you have to offer matches with what the employer needs. Your value proposition can come through in several ways on the resume:

Expert Tips on Demonstrating You’re the Best Talent

Many times new clients coming to me say, “I don’t understand why the employer isn’t responding back to me on my resume when it’s clear I make a perfect candidate for the job.” More often than not, the likely reason is because they didn’t do enough to demonstrate that they are good at the job…
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5 Simple Rules of Advice for Career Changers

Every so often someone looking for a career change would ask me, “How do I go about a career change and tackle the challenges of impressing the employer when I don’t have direct experience in the field of work?” My answer is to follow 5 simple rules: