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5 Things You Have to Do in a Bad Job Market

Unemployment recently hit a new 5-year high of 6.1% with 605,000 jobs leaving the market. This will only get worse as the turmoil from the financial markets causes more layoffs. Here are 5 things you do TODAY to protect yourself.

Rules for Sending Thank You Letters

In today’s electronic age, there is often some confusion as to whether you should send a thank you note after an interview. Some people believe it is not necessary and others think it is a nice touch. I will go beyond that and say it is a must!

Following Up – What To Say

So you’ve sent your resume to a job you’re very excited about and a week has gone by without a word. Or perhaps you’ve had an interview and are waiting to hear how it went. What should you do?

Save Your Numbers

I often come upon a situation that is a real wake-up call for people. When I am preparing a resume, especially for managers and executives, we need to impress potential employers by highlighting the achievements that were produced. That boils down to showing percentage increases in sales, profits, productivity, market share and so on. Yet many people haven’t bothered to save their numbers, particularly when they are trying to remember past year’s accomplishments.

Your Name on a Resume– Formal or Informal?

The very first thing someone sees on your resume is your name and the way you put it subtly positions you. For example, do you put Donald L. Goodman or Don Goodman at the top? Here’s some schools of thought on that question.