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The Debate Over Resume Length, Unraveling the Truth

The debate goes on over how long the resume should run. Some say stick to one page. Others say 2-3 pages. Then, there are those who say let the resume run as long as it warrants. Each has a valid point depending on the situation, but the fact is times have changed and how the…
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When Does the Resume Warrant More Than One Page?

You may have heard the general advice to keep your resume to one page, but times have changed. The focus should not be on how long the resume is, but on its content. Consider that most of today’s employers are using Applicant Tracking Systems to read and rank resumes. Now 85-90% of companies and job…
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Is Your Resume Easy on the Eyes?

“Your copy has to be compelling and easy to read” and the same is true for resumes.

It doesn’t matter if you have exactly what the employer is looking for in terms of skills and work experience, the fact is if your resume is not easy on the eyes, it’s likely not going to be read.