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Things Job Seekers Need to Hit at the Job Interview to Prove They’re the Right Fit

Congratulations! You’ve successfully broken through the hundreds of other applicants also vying for the same job, and now the doors are open for an in-person interview. Until a job offer is extended, it’s critical to continue to sell and demonstrate you have what the employer values. Yes, your resume nailed it and demonstrated to the…
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Tips to Achieving an Attention-Grabbing Resume When You’re a Career Changer

Employers are looking for the right fitting candidate for the job – and that often means someone with relevant experience. You may be wondering, “How does a career changer even have a shot?” While your latest professional experience may not be in the same industry or field and your technical skills aren’t exactly what the…
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Ways to Tell Your Story & Impress When You’ve Been Out of Work

As if job searching wasn’t challenging enough, having to make a case that you’re still relevant and applicable when you’ve been out of work for some time can come across as an even greater challenge. Learn to effectively apply SAR statements (Situation-Action-Result statements) in resume-writing and in communication with prospective employers for greater impact!

See Things from The Employer’s Side: What Happens When You Apply for a Job on LinkedIn

If you find yourself in need of a new job, you’ll be in for a whole new ball game when it comes job searching. No longer can you simply rely on sending out a copy of your resume via email or through the job boards. Many of today’s employers are relying heavily on social media…
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