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Useful Online Research Tools

The internet has a wealth of tools that can help you in your search. Below are a choice few:

When to Send a Follow-Up Letter – NEVER

People have often asked me whether they should send a Follow-Up letter. This is different from a Thank You letter used right after the interview in that they want to use this after days/weeks have gone by and they are waiting for a decision. In their mind, they would ask how the process is going and when they could expect a decision. The answer is simple – NEVER SEND A FOLLOW-UP LETTER! Here’s why.

CareerBuilders’ View on Resumes

Here are some statistics from a research study conducted by CareerBuilder. The good news is that it is a candidate’s market: 55% of recruiting managers said it was difficult to find good candidates last year – and 81% said it is equally or more challenging this year. And here is what a hiring manger is looking for in a resume.

Enjoy the Music

Does your cell phone have a message, “Enjoy the music while we locate our subscriber”? I recently called a potential client who was complaining that their resume for an Executive Assistant position was not working. I got that message and then was blasted by rap music about girl’s booties. So I asked the person, is this the number you have on your resume? She said it was.