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LinkedIn Changes Job Seekers Need to Know About

Like all things technology, the moment you think you understand it all, new updates and changes occur. Whether you’re an every-day user of LinkedIn or one to check in periodically, you may have noticed that LinkedIn has a new interface. It was phased in in waves and by now most, if not all users, should…
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Applicant Tracking Systems: What’s Changed and How Does It Impact Resume Writing

Applicant Tracking Systems, also known as ATS, have grown in use by many employers. Those in HR rely on it to help run through the loads of resumes that come in and rank the top resumes worthy of review. Why does this matter to the typical job seeker? Well, if you’re applying for a job…
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LinkedIn Recommendations Are a Must for the Job Seeker’s Profile

Today, more job seekers and employers are resorting to LinkedIn to make connections when it comes to job searching and talent searching. If you’re not part of it, you’re losing out on opportunities and the precious time it takes to find and secure your next job. We’ve talked in the past about the need to…
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What Works on the Resume Doesn’t Necessarily Work on Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re job searching, you’re going to need “both” the resume and LinkedIn profile ready to go. While both may cross paths on some information, it doesn’t mean what works on the resume will work on your LinkedIn profile and vice-versa. They both serve to help you attract employers, and should work independent of one…
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Resume Age Bias Exists: What You Can Do as a Job Seeker

Age discrimination can happen to anyone. It can happen whether you’re just out of college, mid-way in your career, or a few years away from retirement age. And, it doesn’t only happen when it comes down to the face-to-face interview. Age bias can occur the moment the employer skims over your resume. You may be…
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