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Networking Tips for Job Searching and Career Growth

Whether it’s informal networking or networking at professional events – love them or hate them – they can prove to be beneficial for your job search and career growth when done the right way. For some people, there’s a great deal of awkwardness to networking, but even the most introverted personality can come out a…
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Things to Check on the Cover Letter and Resume for the Final Round of Review

The final round of review is the last stage before you go on to submit your cover letter and resume to the employer. Yes, we know you’ve probably looked it over a dozen times to get to the final version, but were you reviewing the right things? Some of the silliest and smallest mistakes are…
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Tips to Handling Rejection as a Job Seeker

Being rejected is part of the job search process. Often a job seeker will go through several rounds of rejection before the right job offer comes around. While the experience can feel like a setback, it’s important to come to grips with the situation and know how to bounce back. Being rejected is not the…
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Job Search Without Letting Everyone Know

Some say the advantage of job searching while you’re still employed is that you come off more appealing to employers. It leaves employers with the immediate impression that your experience and skills are still current and relevant. The disadvantage to it all is that it can be a challenge to manage time between the demands…
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The Debate Over Resume Length, Unraveling the Truth

The debate goes on over how long the resume should run. Some say stick to one page. Others say 2-3 pages. Then, there are those who say let the resume run as long as it warrants. Each has a valid point depending on the situation, but the fact is times have changed and how the…
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