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LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Searching When Unemployed

Let’s make it clear that if you’re unemployed and job searching, you’ll want to be on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile allows you to share your recent professional experience and credentials with prospective employers. However, with many job seekers who are unemployed or who have remained unemployed for a lengthy period, there may be hesitation. Unfortunately,…
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SEO Optimized LinkedIn Profile in 7 Steps to Land a Job

How are you going about your job search? There are many options, but the most popular and successful approach leverages social networks. Each day recruiters scour social networks for candidates who meet the needs of job openings. As a job seeker, it’s important that you have an SEO optimized LinkedIn profile to show up in…
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9 Tips to Getting Your LinkedIn Profile to All-Star Rating

LinkedIn continues to play a large role for those job hunting, and it’s critical to have a LinkedIn profile at an All-Star rating. If you don’t know what this means, look at your LinkedIn profile right now. Right beneath the section with your profile photo is “Profile Strength.” When you reach All-Star rating, that means…
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No Job Is Forever When Age Discrimination Exists in the Workplace

No Job is Forever, What You Can Do to Keep Ahead

Even if you think you have a solid job, no job is forever! There are countless accounts of people who have been on the job with the same employer for years or who have been under the impression that they are a valued employee who’s irreplaceable, but as fast as a lightning bolt they’ve been…
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How Important Are Job Titles on Your Resume?

How Important Are Job Titles on Your Resume? How often do you really think about your job title? Given how various titles can often describe the same role across different organizations, many job seekers do not stop to think about how important their job title truly is in the grand scheme of things. What you…
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