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Job Hunting: Networking Done the Wrong Way

You can approach job hunting in many ways. Some prefer to look through job postings and apply through the job boards/company websites, while others may rely on recruiters who have access to job openings that are not publicly made available. And then, there are those who resort to working with the people they already know…
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5 Tips to Personalizing the LinkedIn Invitation to Connect

By now you’ve probably heard the advice that you can’t go about job searching without job networking. Job networking is indeed one of the more effective methods when job searching. Many job seekers are doing it with ease today thanks to social networking platforms like LinkedIn. While contacts are literally at your fingertips, it does…
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Network Your Way into a Job When You’re Reentering the Workforce

Anyone who’s tried the traditional methods of job searching, like posting the resume online and responding to job posting on job boards, company websites, and other outlets knows that the response rate is often minimal. And when that call does come in, there’s a good chance it’s from a random headhunter who sounds clueless about…
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Social Networks for Job Seekers to Help with the Job Search

At one point job boards were the way to go when it came to job searching. Today, if you’re job searching, you had better be on the major social networks or you’re losing out. The obvious ones include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but did you know there are several more that can help with improving…
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Networking Groups Are a Must When Job Searching

If you’re job searching, joining networking groups is a must! The simple fact is networking is much more effective than other methods like job boards. In fact, the preferred method of employers is to hire people who are recommended to them. A person who is referred for a job is seen as less of a…
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