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How Not to Answer Some of the Most Common Job Interview Questions

Congratulations! You’ve secured a job interview with the employer you’ve been vying to get a job with. Before you head in, here’s some advice. We know you’re feeling adrenaline and excitement over the potential opportunity, but what you need now is a clear head to make sure your responses to some of the most common…
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Job Hunting: Much Has Changed, But Here’s What Still Works Best

As a job seeker, you want to work with the most effective approach to securing your dream job opportunity. But, what is the most effective approach? There’s a lot of advice out there on how to go about a job hunt, from how to write the most effective resume, to how to find a job…
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Things Job Seekers Need to Hit at the Job Interview to Prove They’re the Right Fit

Congratulations! You’ve successfully broken through the hundreds of other applicants also vying for the same job, and now the doors are open for an in-person interview. Until a job offer is extended, it’s critical to continue to sell and demonstrate you have what the employer values. Yes, your resume nailed it and demonstrated to the…
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