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The 4 Things That Matter on the Technical Professional’s Resume

Hiring managers have seen so many resumes that they can quickly tell when they have a candidate that’s just all talk and one that’s legitimately experienced, talented, and ready to excel on the job.  For those in the tech field, it’s critical to have a resume that immediately informs hiring managers you’re qualified and ready…
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Ways to Beef Up the IT Resume

What’s to say you’ll be any better at the job than the next job applicant? In IT, a standout resume doesn’t simply include a combination of relevant keywords on software programs and certifications. There’s more that needs to be done on the resume to prove to employers you have what it takes to do the…
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Turn IT Jargon into a Strong Brand Message on the Resume

Sure, having the right buzzwords and technical jargon on the resume helps, but it needs to go beyond just technical terms sitting on the resume. It needs to translate into a success story and your brand message! When using buzzwords and technical jargon, put it in context – demonstrate how your skills can be turned…
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