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Tips to Preparing for the Job Interview When You’re a Healthcare Technician

It can be stressful not knowing what to expect at the job interview, but with proper research, planning, and mental practice, you can head into the job interview confident and ready for anything that comes your way. For healthcare technicians, the job interview is not just about your level of experience and skills, but also…
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Tips for the Healthcare Professional’s Job Search

The markets have its ups and downs, but for those who are looking for job opportunities in healthcare things are looking good. The healthcare job market is one of the fastest growing markets in the U.S. It’s also one of the highest paying markets for jobs. According to Glassdoor’s annual list of highest-paying jobs in…
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Tips to a Tailored Resume for Healthcare Professionals

Effective resume writing means you’re tailoring your message to the employer’s needs. For healthcare professionals, the details behind your educational background and professional experience is especially important to crafting a tailored resume. Remember that one of the first shots you have at making the right impression comes through your resume. What you submit to the…
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General Resume Tips for the Healthcare Professional

Those of you in the healthcare profession may have had very specialized training and skills to meet the demands of the job. However, many have failed to present the specialized training, talent, and skills on the resume. This lack of detail and information on the resume can hurt your chances. Here are some key tips…
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