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The Most Meaningless Words on the Resume and CV

A well-written resume and CV will be optimized with keywords that the employer and recruiters are looking for, but that doesn’t mean that any words can be thrown on the paper. Words must be put in context to show how your experience and skills carry out results on the job. At the same time, using…
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Questions to Ask That’ll Help You Get Started on Resume Writing

Are you at a lost on where to start when it comes to writing your own resume? It’s no easy task when you have to take an objective stance writing about your own experience, skills and qualifications for the job, and that’s why in many cases, it helps to work with a professional resume writer.…
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Job Seeker Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn and the Resume

The first impression you make is a big deal, and as a job seeker that usually comes through your LinkedIn profile or resume. A poorly written LinkedIn profile or resume can mean lost opportunities to job interviews. So, as a job seeker there are certain things to look out for as you prepare your LinkedIn…
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Tips to Crafting an Effective Resume for the Cursory Glance and Deeper Read

Generally, recruiters are spending a mere few seconds on the resume as they are filtering through applications that come in. When it comes to writing an effective resume, it’s important to grab the attention of the reader on cursory glance (quick scan), but we can’t forget about the details because there’s also the deeper read…
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How to Make Sure Your Resume is Noticed

Posting your resume to a job board or company website puts you in that big black hole. Here is an article that I wrote for Careerealism that shows you how to make sure your resume is seen. Follow these rules and your job search results will improve. See article here: