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3 Ways to Stay Composed Even through Tough Interview Questions

As much as you prepare for an interview, there’s no knowing what tough questions will be thrown your way.

4 Steps to Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

You are at an industry conference on the elevator, the doors open and the CEO who just announced he is looking for talented people gets on. You have 20 seconds to get him interested in talking with you. When you are networking, you need an elevator pitch, a 20-30 second statement that positions you for job opportunities and distinguishes you versus other candidates.

3 Ways to Improve Your Resume with Testimonials

As a self-promotional piece, the resume is a document employers will scrutinize in determining whether you really have the experience and skills that you claim to have for fulfilling its job opening. So one way to lend credibility to the document is to add testimonials.


Thousands of people attend job fairs and they can be great or a frustrating waste of time. Nonetheless, they should be a part of your job search strategy. Here’s how to maximize the value of job fairs.

How to Make Sure Your Resume is Noticed

Posting your resume to a job board or company website puts you in that big black hole. Here is an article that I wrote for Careerealism that shows you how to make sure your resume is seen. Follow these rules and your job search results will improve. See article here: