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Expert Tips on Demonstrating You’re the Best Talent

Many times new clients coming to me say, “I don’t understand why the employer isn’t responding back to me on my resume when it’s clear I make a perfect candidate for the job.” More often than not, the likely reason is because they didn’t do enough to demonstrate that they are good at the job…
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5 Simple Rules of Advice for Career Changers

Every so often someone looking for a career change would ask me, “How do I go about a career change and tackle the challenges of impressing the employer when I don’t have direct experience in the field of work?” My answer is to follow 5 simple rules:

Networking Groups Are a Must When Job Searching

If you’re job searching, joining networking groups is a must! The simple fact is networking is much more effective than other methods like job boards. In fact, the preferred method of employers is to hire people who are recommended to them. A person who is referred for a job is seen as less of a…
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Tips to Maintain Negotiating Power around Salary

As much as you may try to hold off on the discussion of salary until the latter stages of the interview process, there are instances where the discussion can’t be avoided – say the employer requests your salary requirement at the time of your resume submission. In such instances, calling out your salary requirement puts…
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Is Your Resume Easy on the Eyes?

“Your copy has to be compelling and easy to read” and the same is true for resumes.

It doesn’t matter if you have exactly what the employer is looking for in terms of skills and work experience, the fact is if your resume is not easy on the eyes, it’s likely not going to be read.