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Things to Check on the Cover Letter and Resume for the Final Round of Review

The final round of review is the last stage before you go on to submit your cover letter and resume to the employer. Yes, we know you’ve probably looked it over a dozen times to get to the final version, but were you reviewing the right things? Some of the silliest and smallest mistakes are…
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Get the Resume Ready to Return to Work After Being a Stay-at-Home Parent

Oftentimes, the stay-at-home parent who decides to return to work is in a conundrum over the job they want to pursue and how to display that they qualify for the job on the resume. They may have had experience in the past or have experience and skills they can transfer over to the new job,…
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Why Those Going for a Career Change Need the Cover Letter

When your job search is for a career change there is a bit more convincing that needs to be done for employers to take notice. The story behind your experience and skills on the resume may not immediately help the employer make the connection that you’re relevant for the job, so it will benefit to…
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Inside Secrets on How To Write a Great Cover Letter

Imagine that an employer has over 800 resumes to weed through, each with a cover letter. They pick up the next letter and it says “I am writing in response to your advertisement #50541 regarding your Project Manager position”. Pretty boring… and you just missed your chance to grab their attention. Here are some tips on how to make your cover letter really stand out.