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Resume Writing: The Pros and Cons to the Different Formats

One size does not necessarily fit all, especially when it comes to the resume. Not only do job seekers need to customize content to each employer, but they also need to consider which resume format best suits the task at hand. Not every job seeker fits into a perfect mold for the traditional chronological resume…
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Starting a New Career: Resume Tips for the Headline & Summary Paragraph

Your resume needs to be tweaked each time you apply for a job. This is particularly critical for the resumes of professionals who are looking to move into a new career or industry. Your resume should tell a story that prospective employers can relate to and that shows you have the experience or skills, to…
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How to Give the Resume a Boost for a Career Change

It’s one thing to update your resume with additional experience and skills gained on the job for the next job in the same profession, but it’s a totally different ball game when it comes to a career change. For anyone going through a career change, the resume needs to take a different approach – especially…
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