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Tips to Get the Resume Ready for a Career Change

Good resume-writing is about knowing how to appeal to the target audience. When it comes to the career changer the task of getting the resume ready can seem insurmountable. How does one with no direct experience appeal to the employer? With the help of a professional resume writer, there’s a game plan to help highlight…
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Tips to Easing into a Career Change

It could be that you’re five years into your career or 25 years into it – having a change of heart on the career path to take can happen. It may be that you’ve realized the characteristics needed to thrive on the job is just not you, or that it hasn’t turned out to be…
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Tips to Achieving an Attention-Grabbing Resume When You’re a Career Changer

Employers are looking for the right fitting candidate for the job – and that often means someone with relevant experience. You may be wondering, “How does a career changer even have a shot?” While your latest professional experience may not be in the same industry or field and your technical skills aren’t exactly what the…
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