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Taking a Lower-Level Position – 4 Things to Know

It’s easy to conclude that taking a lower-level position means putting the brakes on the career track or even taking a step back, but in fact, there can be a lot to gain in such a decision. Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to take a step forward in your career.

Prepare Yourself for the Offbeat Question

Doing well in a job interview is the result of many things, ranging from the first impressions you make with your physical appearance (body language) to how well you communicate and respond to questions. There are the predictable questions, such as “What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses?” and then there are the offbeat questions that may…
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3 Things You Need to Do to Break through the Job Interview to a Job Offer

Going from finding a job opening, applying, interviewing, to the job offer can be a lengthy process. For some with the right resume, they get through the first few steps with ease, but when it comes to the job interview, things often come to a halt. The challenge many jobseekers face is presenting themselves in-person…
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3 Tips to Highlight Your Value on the Resume

“What can you do for me?” – That is the question every employer is asking when they are skimming through your resume. Value is seen when what you have to offer matches with what the employer needs. Your value proposition can come through in several ways on the resume: