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Good News for Young Professionals

Fast Company has an article citing a yearlong study conducted by McKinsey & Co. indicating that the most important corporate resource over the next 20 years will be talent. It’s also the resource in shortest supply, which is good news for the job seeker.

Interviewing Tips: What Managers Want

When you are interviewing with your potential next boss, consider shat a manager is really looking for. Interestingly, I asked over 200 staff what a manager seeks, and only 2 had any clue. So here is an insight that you should use when you are interviewing for a potential job.

Resume Writing: When to Use a Functional Resume

I am often asked whether a client should use a functional resume. The simple answer is almost never. There are 3 reasons why people use a functional resume and only 1 reason is valid

Interviewing Tips: A Must Do for Sales Professionals

I had a client today who is getting interviews but not offers. Not a bad place to be, but very frustrating because he has interviewed for positions he really wants. When I asked him what happened in the interview, it was clear that there was at least one thing he was failing to do.

Now’s the Season to be Networking

As you consider all the parties and gatherings you will be going to this holiday season, are you remembering that this is a great opportunity to network? Do you have the tools to do it effectively?