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Writing a Thank You Letter

I can’t tell my clients enough the importance of sending a Thank You letter after an interview.
In a recent survey of hiring managers, nearly 15% say they would not hire someone who failed to send a Thank You letter after the interview. And 32 % say they would still consider the candidate, but would think less of him or her.

How good is the job market?

I am asked “how is the job market” at least 5 times each week. And to me the answer is simple. There are probably 2 million less jobs than there were 5 years ago. But you only need 1 so the odds are good. What has changed is the way you play the game.

Writing a Resume

The very first thing you need to do when writing a resume is decide what name should be at the top. You might think that’s a silly question, but consider that it is the very first thing that is seen by a potential employer.

Job Search Phone Etiquette

I frequently call my clients at their provided numbers to discuss their resumes. I am often amazed at what happens, and in particular, how harmful it will be to their job search efforts.

Resume Help

Every week I see hundreds of resumes sent to me for a free evaluation. Most of them start with an Objective indicating what that individual is seeking. Then they list the various roles and responsibilities they have held in the past. Where this style of resume was successful 5 years ago, it isn’t going to work in today’s market.