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Every week I see hundreds of resumes sent to me for a free evaluation. Most of them start with an Objective indicating what that individual is seeking. Then they list the various roles and responsibilities they have held in the past. Where this style of resume was successful 5 years ago, it isn’t going to work in today’s market.

Lying on Resumes

Today I got a call from a desperate man. He had gone through 3 interviews successfully and was about to be offered the job of his dreams. He wanted to know if we did reference checking. I gave him some advice and directed him to many of the good firms that do this as a service. He called back and said that the firms I directed him to would not do what he wants.

Positioning Yourself in Your Resume

Sometimes having an outsider look at your background can make all the difference in the world as to how you perceive yourself. I recently had a senior executive who lamented how difficult it was for him to reenter the job market as he had left a significant corporate position for a job in academia where he has spent the last 7 years. He was concerned that his strength in creating and executing a company vision/mission would not be perceived because of his “sabbatical”.

Making a Bad Job Good

The number one reason a person likes or dislikes their job is their boss. So what do you do if you are suffering under a micromanaging, egocentric, abusive, lying and untrustworthy creep? There are only a couple things you can do.

Great People Get Hired

One of my better managers once said to me, “Don, there are only 3 kinds of people in this world, the good, the bad and the mediocre.”