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The 4 Things That Matter on the Technical Professional’s Resume

Hiring managers have seen so many resumes that they can quickly tell when they have a candidate that’s just all talk and one that’s legitimately experienced, talented, and ready to excel on the job.  For those in the tech field, it’s critical to have a resume that immediately informs hiring managers you’re qualified and ready for the job. Employers want…
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5 Tips to Personalizing the LinkedIn Invitation to Connect

By now you’ve probably heard the advice that you can’t go about job searching without job networking. Job networking is indeed one of the more effective methods when job searching. Many job seekers are doing it with ease today thanks to social networking platforms like LinkedIn. While contacts are literally at your fingertips, it does require that communication is customized…
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Ways Job Seekers Can Beat the Applicant Tracking System

Job seekers face various hurdles during the job search process, but one common struggle almost every job seeker faces is how to beat the Applicant Tracking System (also known as ATS). The fact is many resumes from qualified applicants get rejected simply because the software couldn’t read it. And, even for the resume that does make it through the chance…
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Networking Tips for Job Searching and Career Growth

Whether it’s informal networking or networking at professional events – love them or hate them – they can prove to be beneficial for your job search and career growth when done the right way. For some people, there’s a great deal of awkwardness to networking, but even the most introverted personality can come out a winner with the right approach.…
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Why the Jack-of-All-Trades Resume Often Fails

If you’re job search is lacking results, evaluate if you have a Jack-of-all-trades resume. In other words, if you have a resume that’s displaying a message that you’re great at everything, you may be missing the point of what the employer is looking for. A generalized resume lacks focus. The key message to the candidate’s value proposition is also typically…
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