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Problems to Spot on the Resume for an Immediate Fix

If you haven’t given much thought to the purpose of your resume, it will help to do so before you start job searching. The resume isn’t simply a piece of paper that shows and explains your work history. There’s much more value to carefully crafting a resume that is tailored to each prospective employer’s needs. While the resume does include…
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Changing the Online Job Search Experience with Google for Jobs

Any effort to help make job searching easier is welcomed! The typical process for most job seekers involves running from one job site to the next for job postings. Fortunately, a new job search tool by Google seeks to make the job hunting experience much easier. Google announced they are rolling out ‘Google for Jobs.’ Google for Jobs is now…
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Why Job Seekers Should Not Be Blasting Out the Resume

For many job seekers, a common line of thinking is that the greater exposure one’s resume gets, the higher his or her chances are at getting hired. That’s not necessarily how it works! Oftentimes, unsolicited emails and resumes get ignored by recruiters. There are many reasons to why that is, including: Security Concerns One corrupt email or attachment is all…
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The Most Meaningless Words on the Resume and CV

A well-written resume and CV will be optimized with keywords that the employer and recruiters are looking for, but that doesn’t mean that any words can be thrown on the paper. Words must be put in context to show how your experience and skills carry out results on the job. At the same time, using descriptive words like leader, creative,…
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Deliverables for a Successful Job Hunt

Just like many other things in life, the better you’re prepared for job hunting, the more likely you’ll succeed in finding a job. When it comes to job hunting, don’t jump into it blindsided. In many cases, you’ll only have one shot to make the right impression with employers. Head into it ready and prepared with the right tools. Here…
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