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Rip Off Resume Services

I have often stated that it makes sense to use a professional resume writing firm. Having said that you need to be more careful than ever who you choose, because unfortunately, there are a number of new scams out there.

Writing Your Resume Using the “So What?” Trick

The simple purpose of your resume is to tell potential employers what you can do for them. Yet people still fall into the trap of writing sentences that describe their job duties instead of their skills. A simple way to avoid this is to use the “so what” trick.

Why Should I Hire You?

Elevator pitch, personal branding message, profile summary – they all mean the same thing and that is the 20-30 second pitch you give to an employer as to what you bring to their table. Absolutely the core message for any resume and job seeker, yet extremely few people bother to figure their message out.

Rules for Reviewing Your Own Resume

I recently had an individual who asked me to give him a detailed critique of his resume. In doing so, I found myself giving him the most important rules for writing a good resume. You might want to use this same technique to review your own resume.

The Best Resume Writing Process

Especially in the beginning of the year, people are calling me and asking me how long will it take to create a resume. Apparently these people have been thinking about creating a resume for weeks and now a headhunter has called, or they saw a job posting, and they want a resume in 24 hours or less.