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LinkedIn Recommendations Are a Must for the Job Seeker’s Profile

Today, more job seekers and employers are resorting to LinkedIn to make connections when it comes to job searching and talent searching. If you’re not part of it, you’re losing out on opportunities and the precious time it takes to find and secure your next job. We’ve talked in the past about the need to…
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Network Your Way into a Job When You’re Reentering the Workforce

Anyone who’s tried the traditional methods of job searching, like posting the resume online and responding to job posting on job boards, company websites, and other outlets knows that the response rate is often minimal. And when that call does come in, there’s a good chance it’s from a random headhunter who sounds clueless about…
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What Works on the Resume Doesn’t Necessarily Work on Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re job searching, you’re going to need “both” the resume and LinkedIn profile ready to go. While both may cross paths on some information, it doesn’t mean what works on the resume will work on your LinkedIn profile and vice-versa. They both serve to help you attract employers, and should work independent of one…
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Main Areas to Overcome as a Job Seeker Trying to Return to the Workforce

While it’s been some time since you left the workforce and the thought of making a return now seems plausible, the task at hand comes across as daunting. This is common and what many worry over is the resume. There are questions like: What do I do about my lack of current work experience? What…
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Resume Trends to Follow for the New Year

If you aren’t seeking the help of a professional resume writer, it’s important to at least stay on top of today’s most effective resume-writing styles and techniques. A resume stuck in the 80’s or even the 90’s is cause for trouble. Today’s employers review and process resumes much differently than in earlier years. Here are…
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