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What Job Seekers Need to Know about LinkedIn’s Open Candidates Function

By now you’ve probably heard that if you’re actively job searching, you need to be on LinkedIn. And, even if you’re not actively job searching, you’re missing out on opportunities to network. Job networking on LinkedIn can help you grow your career. LinkedIn is a popular resource many employers, recruiters, and professionals have come to…
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Social Networks for Job Seekers to Help with the Job Search

At one point job boards were the way to go when it came to job searching. Today, if you’re job searching, you had better be on the major social networks or you’re losing out. The obvious ones include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but did you know there are several more that can help with improving…
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Job Seeker Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn and the Resume

The first impression you make is a big deal, and as a job seeker that usually comes through your LinkedIn profile or resume. A poorly written LinkedIn profile or resume can mean lost opportunities to job interviews. So, as a job seeker there are certain things to look out for as you prepare your LinkedIn…
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Tips to Writing a Summary for Your LinkedIn Profile and Resume

Before recruiters take a dive into reviewing your LinkedIn profile or resume, they first look at the Summary section. Typically it’s the top section that briefly summarizes and highlights your key strengths for the job. It’s what many professional LinkedIn writers and resume writers will refer to as prime real estate on the piece.

Turn IT Jargon into a Strong Brand Message on the Resume

Sure, having the right buzzwords and technical jargon on the resume helps, but it needs to go beyond just technical terms sitting on the resume. It needs to translate into a success story and your brand message! When using buzzwords and technical jargon, put it in context – demonstrate how your skills can be turned…
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