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Resume Writing Tips To Get Employers Calling You

Anyone who’s been through a job search knows a call-back doesn’t happen with every job you apply to. So, what’s the magic tip off to getting a call-back from employers? In many instances, it all starts with the resume. The resume needs to have the right information that clicks with the employer’s needs.

Tips to Writing a Summary for Your LinkedIn Profile and Resume

Before recruiters take a dive into reviewing your LinkedIn profile or resume, they first look at the Summary section. Typically it’s the top section that briefly summarizes and highlights your key strengths for the job. It’s what many professional LinkedIn writers and resume writers will refer to as prime real estate on the piece.

Tips to Crafting an Effective Resume for the Cursory Glance and Deeper Read

Generally, recruiters are spending a mere few seconds on the resume as they are filtering through applications that come in. When it comes to writing an effective resume, it’s important to grab the attention of the reader on cursory glance (quick scan), but we can’t forget about the details because there’s also the deeper read…
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Turn IT Jargon into a Strong Brand Message on the Resume

Sure, having the right buzzwords and technical jargon on the resume helps, but it needs to go beyond just technical terms sitting on the resume. It needs to translate into a success story and your brand message! When using buzzwords and technical jargon, put it in context – demonstrate how your skills can be turned…
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Things Job Seekers Need to Hit at the Job Interview to Prove They’re the Right Fit

Congratulations! You’ve successfully broken through the hundreds of other applicants also vying for the same job, and now the doors are open for an in-person interview. Until a job offer is extended, it’s critical to continue to sell and demonstrate you have what the employer values. Yes, your resume nailed it and demonstrated to the…
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