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Resume Fact-Finding: How to Put Pertinent Information on the Resume

One thing that we tell our clients is that the resume has two main purposes. Firstly, it’s to help you secure the employer’s interest so that they want to interview you. Secondly, it’s to determine if the company and position are the right fit for you. The challenge we see many job seekers struggle with…
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Salary History: A Question Many Employers Can No Longer Ask

There are many questions that job seekers should be prepared to answer when it comes to the job application and interview, but starting October 31, 2017, there is one question job seekers (at least in New York City) should no longer expect to hear. This question is about one’s pay, particularly as it relates to…
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Ways You Can Instantly Connect at the Job Interview

At the conclusion of any good interview, you’ll have made a strong connection with the interviewer. First impressions matter, and if done correctly, they can give you a leg up in the process by making you more memorable and desirable for cooperative work in the mind of the hirer. But, it’s not always the easiest…
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Don’t Let Desperation Rule Your Decisions When Job Searching

Unemployment can take a toll on job seekers, but it can be especially rough on those who have been job searching and getting minimal results over a long period of time. Many employers today aren’t looking to settle on just any candidate. They are looking for the best-fitting candidate for the job. That means not…
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Career Changers: Determine What Your Transferable Skills Are

Choosing to change your career path is not always an easy decision, especially if it means having to start from the ground up again. That’s a sacrifice that many who are changing careers must face. The better you can translate transferable skills to the employer, the better positioned you are to enter your potential new…
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