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120 Seconds to Ace the Interview

That’s how long it takes for an employer to decide whether they want to hire you or not. First impressions set the tone for the interview and in the vast majority of cases, once that impression is set, it is not usually turned around. So here are some important tips you can use to ensure you make a great first impression.

Interviewing Tips to Avoid a Bad Decision

Most people who are interviewing have 1 thing in mind – get a job offer. This is certainly the proof that you interviewed well but before you accept that offer, make sure you did some appropriate interviewing on your own.

Interviewing Tips: What Managers Want

When you are interviewing with your potential next boss, consider shat a manager is really looking for. Interestingly, I asked over 200 staff what a manager seeks, and only 2 had any clue. So here is an insight that you should use when you are interviewing for a potential job.

Interviewing Tips: A Must Do for Sales Professionals

I had a client today who is getting interviews but not offers. Not a bad place to be, but very frustrating because he has interviewed for positions he really wants. When I asked him what happened in the interview, it was clear that there was at least one thing he was failing to do.

Interviewing Tips: Do You Pass the Europe Test?

A hiring manager once said to me, “Before I hire anyone they have to pass the Europe test”. When I asked what that was she replied, “I have to be comfortable sitting with them on a plane to Europe”.