Author: Don Goodman

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Rules for Sending Thank You Letters

In today’s electronic age, there is often some confusion as to whether you should send a thank you note after an interview. Some people believe it is not necessary and others think it is a nice touch. I will go beyond that and say it is a must!

Writing a Resume: Should I have an Objective?

I would say that more than 90% of my client’s old resumes start with an Objective. They often ask, “Should I have an Objective in my new resume?” The simple answer is “No”, and here is why.

Writing a Resume – Attitude Counts

I recently wrote a resume for an entry-level IT professional who had very little experience in computers except for what he had learned in school. He had few hands-on courses, no certifications and a mediocre GPA. His prospects for gaining a job interview were slim. Jumping to the end of the story, the resume I put together for him resulted in 3 calls from employers in the first 24 hours. So what magic did I perform? I stressed his attitude.

Writing a Thank You Letter

I can’t tell my clients enough the importance of sending a Thank You letter after an interview.
In a recent survey of hiring managers, nearly 15% say they would not hire someone who failed to send a Thank You letter after the interview. And 32 % say they would still consider the candidate, but would think less of him or her.

How good is the job market?

I am asked “how is the job market” at least 5 times each week. And to me the answer is simple. There are probably 2 million less jobs than there were 5 years ago. But you only need 1 so the odds are good. What has changed is the way you play the game.