3 Ways to Tidying Up Your Resume Using Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method

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Tidying Up the Resume - Marie Kondo KonMari Method

3 Ways to Tidying Up Your Resume Using Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method

Whether you’re into organization or not, it’s something the resume needs. Without organization, you leave many who are reviewing your resume lost and confused.  But don’t worry, there’s help available. You may have come across the name Marie Kondo. She’s known for her talents on organization and “tidying up” spaces at home and work to bring joy. Her methods can very well work to help tidy up the resume, too!

In Kondo’s international bestselling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and her hit show on Netflix called, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, the term KonMari Method comes up repeatedly. This method is about “keep[ing] only those things that speak to the heart, and discard[ing] items that no longer spark joy.” In many ways, it’s an effective way to approach updating your resume as well!

If you already have several years of professional experience under your belt, information on the resume can quickly add up. Is it all necessary? Probably not. And for someone who hasn’t touched their resume in years, there’s probably plenty of outdated information that’s not going to help you sell. So, how do you go about “tidying up,” or decluttering the resume?

Here are steps to help you approach resume clean-up with some of Kondo’s KonMari Method!

  1. Discard First, Then Add

    Many times job seekers don’t even know where to begin on their resume, but with the KonMari Method the focus is on reviewing the resume in its entirety first. Work to remove things that “no longer spark joy.” In other words, take out what’s irrelevant to the job you are applying to today. It’s important to remove what’s irrelevant to then see what you have remaining, and then you can build up from there. Put the focus on positions and accomplishments that “spark joy” for you in a way that expresses your true value and relevance as a professional to the employer.

  2. Work in Categories

    The KonMari Method advocates that each item in a space should have a home. When organizing your information on the resume, work by the relevant categories and give information you present a designated home. Ask if the information belongs to the section with your Summary, Professional Experience, Technical Skills, Education or some other section of the resume before sorting the layout of how your resume should look.

  3. Make Information Accessible

    In the KonMari Method, things that relate should be near each other and thing that are used more often should be accessible. This makes a lot of sense on the resume as well. When a recruiter, hiring manager, or even the ATS reviews your resume, you want the information on your resume to be organized and easily searchable. Important and relevant information that supports the case that you’re a qualified candidate for the job needs to be out front and center. Within the specific categories of the resume, important information needs to be prioritized to go on top, and not buried at the bottom. This informs the reader promptly why and how you make the most suitable and fitting candidate for the job.

Marie Kondo’s philosophy to “tidying up” has drawn the attention of people around the world. The craze to rid clutter and mess in order to support a happier and more positive lifestyle is real. This is a method that requires time, energy, and commitment to work. Not only can it be effective for personal spaces in your life, but it can also work on the resume!

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