From Internship to First Job

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From Internship to First Job

For many, college graduation is right around the corner. In preparation for life after college, it’s important to remember that you are no longer the summer break intern and are now entering the “real world.” The unknown of the real word might sound like a scary thing. However, lean on all the resources available to help you land your first job, as well as make you instantly fit in once you’re hired.

Oftentimes a college course will make you complete a resume for a class assignment, or there are resume building workshops for you to attend. Don’t brush these opportunities off – they are very important. But what about after college? Rely on a resume writing service to assist your resume needs. They will be able to build up your resume to fit within the industry you are applying for, which will allow you to stand out as a star candidate in your applications. Graduation gifts have become very common. If someone happens to ask what you’d like for a gift, look into getting your resume professionally written. Creating your resume can be a stressful task. Asking for assistance is a great idea to build up your personal brand to make your interviewing process successful. For more information on professionally written resumes, click here.


When interviewing, first impressions go a long way. While your resume is a crucial piece of the interviewing process, how you communicate and present yourself is also extremely important. Those sitting in on your interview could be your potential future coworkers, so you want to leave a positive, lasting impression. You can never have enough interview preparation. Look online for common interview questions, and brainstorm your answers. If you’re not fully confident in your responses, look for an interview coach to help you get a sense for the type of questions you’ll be asked for the targeted role you’re applying for.


Dressing appropriately for an interview is a must. However, what about after you land the job? While you are asking questions during your interview, don’t be afraid to ask about the office dress code. Many companies are shifting towards casual office attire, so pinpoint exactly what this means for the given company and look to resources, such as Pinterest, for ideas on proper office attire. When building out your professional wardrobe, rely on a few key pieces that can be dressed up or down in the office. For the men, a wrinkle-free dress shirt can elevate a casual look to a professional level. Check out these here, for a wide variety of dress shirt options that can be worn with jeans or a pair of chinos. As for the women, a patterned blouse is a versatile piece that should be included in every working woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn with wide-leg or cropped pants, as well as a nice pair of denim pants for a more casual option. With all of these options, you can set a professional tone that will also help you feel confident and ready to do your best in the workplace.


These resources are available to help you feel comfortable and confident throughout each stage of the job search process. From utilizing resources at career services to starting a professional wardrobe or staying up to date with news in your industry, there are many tips that can help make you feel like a veteran once you’ve been hired. Don’t be afraid to use them, or reach out to others for assistance. For more interview to workplace guidance, click here, to follow along on our blog.