5 Ways to Improve Online Job Hunting in 2018

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5 Ways to Improve Online Job Hunting in 2018

While many of the strategies you have been using for job hunting may still apply in the online world, there are tweaks you can make to reap better results when online job hunting. The Internet is where many job seekers begin the process of researching job listings, finding employers, and applying to jobs, but that may not be sufficient alone. It’s important to consider whether or not you are approaching online job hunting in a way that secures the best results.

Here are some ways in which you can improve your online job hunt in 2018!

  1. SEO optimize your LinkedIn profile
    Luckily for you, we recently posted a blog article on this topic. You can attract hiring managers and recruiters with more ease with a SEO optimized LinkedIn profile. The Job Title (Headline) section of your LinkedIn profile is particularly important. Within the character limit, it needs to shine and speak to hiring managers and recruiters at first glance. It’s one of the first lines of information seen in search results and when you apply for a job via LinkedIn. Read up on ways you can SEO optimize your LinkedIn profile in “7 SEO Optimization Steps to Get Noticed on LinkedIn.”
  2. Tap into the hidden job market
    An enormous amount of information is available online and through social media to help you identify opportunities. Tapping the hidden job market is not only about finding job openings that the general public does not have access to. It’s also about identifying the need for a position where a problem exists. If you can help the employer identify problems and show how you can fix them, then you’ve just opened the door to a new position. Get ahead of the game! See which companies are hiring and identify a need that you can fulfill. Start engaging employers! For more tips, read: “4 Tips to Navigate into the Hidden Job Market.”
  3. Make your resume ATS-compliant
    As technology continues to improve and advance, our reliance on it grows. Large companies especially are resorting to applicant tracking system (ATS) software to help screen applicant resumes. If your resume doesn’t rank well under its review, it’s likely to never see the light of day. As a job seeker, learn how to spot when employers are using ATS. Certified professional resume writers can help you develop an effective and ATS-compliant resume. For more tips, read: “4 Ways to Spot Employers Using Applicant Tracking Systems to Screen Resumes.”
  4. Activate LinkedIn “Open Candidate”
    It’s important to be proactive when job hunting, but there’s also no harm in allowing reactive approaches to do some of the work for you. LinkedIn offers a feature known as “Open Candidate” where you can let recruiters know that you are looking for opportunities. A brief questionnaire is filled to inform recruiter what you’re looking for. Read: “What Job Seekers Need to Know about LinkedIn’s Open Candidates Function” to find out how to activate the feature for free on your LinkedIn profile.
  5. Clean up your digital footprint
    If job postings are online and you’re applying online, you can bet employers are looking over your online presence before deciding to call you or hire you. Your digital footprint, including your presence on social media, can negatively impact your job search if you’re not careful. Employers and recruiters have realized that your social profiles may tell a different story than what is portrayed on the resume, on your LinkedIn profile, and at the job interview. Checking things out online ahead of time allows the employer to catch any red flags that may have been missed. For more on how social media may impact your job search and how you can clean up your digital footprint, read: “What You Do on Social Media Can Impact Your Job Search.”

These tips seek to guide you in online job hunting in the year ahead, but remember that results are ultimately leveraged with a great resume and LinkedIn profile. Get help writing or updating your resume and LinkedIn profile today!

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