Protect Your LinkedIn Profile from Being Plagiarized with This Privacy Setting Change

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Protect Your LinkedIn Profile from Being Plagiarized with This Privacy Setting Change

Your LinkedIn profile is unique to you and it should be kept that way. There may be specific selling points that put you ahead of competitors. You may have also invested a lot of time in crafting content to build your professional presence on LinkedIn. So why have all of that taken away from you? Unfortunately, if you don’t carefully review the privacy settings on LinkedIn profile, it may be at risk of plagiarism by other job seekers.

Protect your LinkedIn profile from being plagiarized with a simple change to your profile’s privacy settings. By default, your LinkedIn profile allows others to view your work experience descriptions through a feature within Microsoft Word. To turn it off and to protect your personal information and professional brand on LinkedIn, follow these steps:

Step 1
Click “Me” at the top right on LinkedIn.

Step 2
Select “Settings & Privacy” found under ACCOUNT

Step 3
Click on “Privacy” category located at the top in the middle

Step 4
Scroll down to the section on “Microsoft Word” and toggle to “No”

These four simple steps on your LinkedIn profile will prevent the sharing of your profile information to users of a feature provided through Microsoft Word. However, if you want to “fully” safeguard your profile content, it’s necessary to also review your public profile settings.

Do you know what non-LinkedIn users or individuals you are not connected to on LinkedIn are able to see when your profile shows up in search results? Certain elements of your profile may be set to hide. If you’re currently job hunting and using LinkedIn to help you connect with recruiters and hiring managers, there’s the need to reveal a public LinkedIn profile with a certain degree of information, but that does not necessarily mean the need to reveal all.

To adjust your public profile settings on LinkedIn, run through Steps 1 – 3 as listed above, and do as follows:

Step 4
Review the settings under “Edit your public profile.”

Now you have taken the necessary steps to safeguard your LinkedIn profile from competitors and can maintain a professional brand image unique to you!

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