What You Do on Social Media Can Impact Your Job Search

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What You Do on Social Media Can Impact Your Job Search

Recruiters and hiring managers are using social media to help screen applicants. What they find out about you on social media ultimately leaves an impression. That impression can be strong enough to impact their decision on whether or not to invest time in interviewing you or hire you.

For years now, recruiters and hiring managers have resorted to LinkedIn, a professional social networking platform to help screen job applicants. Now, that effort is expanding to other social networking platforms which you may be using day in and day out.

What many recruiters and hiring managers have come to realize is that social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the others can provide insight on a candidate’s story beyond what is portrayed on the resume and the professional LinkedIn profile.

So, if you’re about to start job hunting or already started the process, review all your social media profiles to ensure what’s shown to the public is suitable while you are in job search mode. Also, consider that many recruiters and hiring managers may look as far back as what you’ve done in the past year.

Here’s a roundup of the findings from Jobvite’s most recent Recruiter Nation Report on what you may want to avoid and promote on social media to help your job search.

Negative signs on social media that can hurt your job search:

  1. Drugs or illegal substance use in the last year
  2. Political rants
  3. Spelling/grammar errors
  4. Alcohol consumption
  5. Showing off wealth/big purchases
  6. Showing too much skin
  7. Limited social presence
  8. Posting selfies

Positive signs on social media that can help your job search:

  1. Sharing examples of your work and results of your work
  2. Engaging in volunteer, mentor, and/or non-profit work
  3. Sharing a mutual connection

We also add to Jobvite’s finding these other ways you can help your job search:

  1. Showing engagement in the industry by sharing industry news
  2. Joining related groups and communities where you take part in discussions, adding valuable insight and feedback. For more tips, read: “4 Things to Share on LinkedIn to Build Your Professional Brand.”
  3. Like and follow the company you want to work for

While there are many ways you can go about approaching the job search, nowadays you’ll have a hard time ignoring the possibilities and the impact of social media on your job search. Many companies understand that the top source of quality talent comes from employee referrals and internal hires, but coming closely behind that is social/professional networks.

It’s necessary to incorporate social networking into your job search efforts and to ensure your online presence on social media is reflected in a positive light. Companies are expected to spend more time and money recruiting through social and professional networks, so don’t ignore opportunities there. Utilize the findings above to come out as a shining-star candidate for the job! For more tips on ways you can improve your digital footprint, read: “8 Ways to Update Your LinkedIn Profile That’s Been Sitting Idle.”

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