Ace the Job Interview Knowing What Hiring Managers Want to Know

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Ace the Job Interview Knowing What Hiring Managers Want to Know

How well you perform at the job interview is, in large part, determined by how well you address what the hiring manager is looking for. By focusing on the key points that matter, you will leave the job interview with the hiring manager impressed by your understanding of the needs for the job and your qualifications.

Remember that at the interviewing stage, you’ve already impressed them on paper and possibly over a brief screening over the telephone. Now, it’s about helping the hiring manger see that you’re truly a good fit for the job. Here are the key elements to focus on when you’re in an interview:

Credentials for the Job
Give the job posting another careful review before heading into the job interview. Truly understand what it is that the employer is looking for, and determine what you have to offer that meets those specific needs. Highlight any credentials that qualify you for the job, and be specific with your experience and skills to showcase results.

Sound Judgement
Hiring managers want to know that you carry yourself professionally in all instances. They will review how you conduct yourself. As you respond to questions, share your thinking process so that your interviewer can see how you come to certain decisions. As a job seeker, it’s also important to clean up your social media profiles before starting the job hunt. At some point, there’s a good chance that the hiring manager will review your online presence (if they haven’t already) to look for matters of concern to your professionalism. Avoid public postings that may cause them to question your character or that may lead to concern over whether you have sound judgement. For more tips, read: “How Are Employers Screening You through Social Media?”

You can have the best credentials for the job, but it also comes down to how personable you are. Your connection with the hiring manager will give them a sense of how well you’ll get along with others in the workplace. Good communication, a positive attitude, and signs of openness to team-building are strong traits to carry. Avoid any negative talk about your previous employers or other rants at the job interview.

It’s great when you have the right credentials for the job, but it’s even better when you can also show your passion about the job. Leave hiring managers with the impression that this is your dream job and you are comfortable living and breathing it. Show your passion for it! It may be through additional volunteer work related to the industry, or simply knowing the business and being able to converse about the latest developments in the industry, as well as knowing the key players in the space.

While it can feel like you’re just steps away from a job offer once you land a job interview, the work is not over. For additional help with preparing for the job interview, read: “You Must Remember This: Information You Much Have Before The Interview.”

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