4 Ways to Break Through Even with Minimal Work Experience

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4 Ways to Break Through Even with Minimal Work Experience

As you’re thinking about updating your resume and social media profiles to prepare for a job hunt, there may be concerns over how to present your work experience. Showing hiring managers and recruiters that you’re a great fit for a position often means showcasing relevant work, but it may be challenging when you only have minimal work experience. This is often the case for new college graduates, individuals changing careers, and those who are having difficulty putting previous work experience into the words.

Fortunately, regardless of your work experience, there are ways to break through with the tips below.

  1. Put the Focus on What’s Important
    In many instances, you can come off as qualified even without direct experience. It’s just a matter of making the experience and skills that you already have relevant to the employer. For example, you may have worked as a volunteer at a school bake sale, but that experience can translate to skills in special event planning and accounting if you focus on the right details. In another instance, a career as a teacher can easily qualify you for the role of an HR Manager. Effective communication skills, organization, and conflict management/problem solving abilities are essential as an HR Manager, and these are likely traits you have from your teaching experience. For more tips, read: “Show You Qualify for the Job When You’re a Career Changer.”
  2. Let Your Personality Come Through
    While experience and skills matter, so does your personality. One of the key factors in deciding whether a candidate is suitable for hire is whether the individual understands the needs of the job and has the personality to suit the work and work environment. So, if you’re apply for a job as a Customer Care Specialist, your volunteer work completed at the local nursing home and food pantry around the holidays may be a perfect way to help showcase your kind heart, friendliness, patience, and desire to make people happy. Let your personality come alive on paper as well as over interviews. Show that you are excited, have a positive attitude, and have a desire to learn.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Take an Entry-Level Position
    An entry-level position is typically the starting point for many professions, so if you have no experience or you are making a drastic career change, this is where to start. The job will allow you to gain the experience you need to advance as well as master necessary skills to continue to advance on the job. For more tips, read “Taking a Lower-Level Position – 4 Things to Know.”
  4. Gain Professional Work Experience with Jobs That Require Little to No Experience
    There are jobs specific to industries that require little to no experience. Adding these types of experiences to your resume can boost your future employment opportunities. For instance, if you want to enter the medical field, start out as a Medical Biller or Home Care Aid. It’ll provide a degree of relevance to your resume. If you want to go into marketing or sales, become a Sales Representative or Real Estate Agent where you can build relevant experience to include on the resume. Review the full list of jobs with no experience required from Glassdoor. For college students, read: “Best Student Jobs to Prepare for the Real World After College.”

Remember that when job searching, having relevant experience helps, but so does having important skills for the job and the right positive attitude! Even if you may not meet all the indications as to what’s listed as desirable experience and skills in the job posting, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re out of luck or that it’s not worth your time to apply. You can still win employers over and get the job by focusing on the right details and showing you are confident and have a can-do attitude!

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