LinkedIn’s Career Advice Feature Offers a Connection to Mentors

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LinkedIn’s Career Advice Feature Offers a Connection to Mentors

Whether you have questions about getting started in a career or improving your situation in your current career, LinkedIn is hoping to help you in finding answers to those career questions with its latest feature, known as “Career Advice.” Career Advice is a mentorship feature where professionals on LinkedIn may connect with other members on LinkedIn’s network to seek answers, advice, and tips on best practices related to every aspect of careers and industries of professional interest. Career Advice is currently free to all members.

According to LinkedIn’s official blog page, they have “been piloting this feature in a few regions the past couple of months, and some great connections have already been made.” Now, the feature is rolling out to members in the U.S., U.K, India and Australia, with plans to expand globally in the coming months. It’ll start out with a subset of members, and the goal is for the service to be accessible to all members by the end of the summer.

To find and connect with professionals who can help inform and guide you in your career choices, find the Career Advice hub on the dashboard of your LinkedIn profile. From there, you enter your preferences, and members will be recommended to you from there. The individual(s) you select as mentors will be notified of your interest to connect, and you can start asking questions and receiving advice once the opposite party accepts your invitation to connect.

Above: LinkedIn’s YouTube video on Career Advice

While this new application will be a valuable feature to all professionals on LinkedIn, especially those trying to get started in a career or trying to advance in their career, LinkedIn’s role remains that of a connection maker. You’re left with the job of turning the connection into a relationship of value where you can obtain helpful information and advice. And hopefully, at some point you can return the good deed by becoming a mentor and sharing tips and advice with others who are seeking help.

Considering LinkedIn’s Career Advice is also a free feature with mentors providing services out of goodwill, users of this feature should have realistic expectations. Other professionals serving as mentors want to help, but there may be a limitation to how much time and help they can offer. As of right now, the mentorship feature may be best suited for those with quick questions. For a sample of some suitable questions to ask a professional mentor, read: “5 Rules To Remember For An Informational Interview.”

LinkedIn continues to grow as a resourceful platform for professionals and those job seeking. The Career Advice feature is a natural addition following its other resourceful feature, Open Candidates, where it’s helping put job seekers in front of recruiters searching for particular experience and talents.

Career paths aren’t always clear-cut and questions arise for professionals at all experience levels, but all career choices should be handled with care. If you’re thinking about changing your career, extra caution is necessary. For more tips on changing careers, read: “Tips to Easing into a Career Change.”

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