5 Ways to Ramp Up Job Opportunities During the Holidays

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5 Ways to Ramp Up Job Opportunities During the Holidays

The start of a new year is a new beginning for even greater opportunities for growth as a professional. While the holidays can make it feel as if interviewing and hiring has come to a slowdown, there are things you can do to help ramp up opportunities and start the year off right!

Consider doing the following:

  1. Keep Applying to Jobs Where You’re the Right Fit
    While many companies do take a break from interviewing and hiring during the holidays, there are also those who are seeking to fill critical positions immediately. If you’re the right candidate for a job, the hire can happen quickly. Companies want to be ready for the new year with the right staff who can meet the standards for critical business functions. Be as flexible as you can with scheduling. By accommodating the employer’s schedule around the holidays, you can get a leg up on the competition.
  2. Use Seasonal Parties as Networking Opportunities
    The end of the year is booming with holiday parties. Some may be for business while others may be with friends and family. These parties are all opportunities you can use to reconnect with contacts as well as use as openings to seek advice, tips, and open discussions about potential career connections and opportunities.
  3. Turn the Seasonal Job into Long-Term Employment
    There are countless stories of people who start out as an intern or temp/seasonal worker and find their way to a permanent, full-time position with the employer. Use a seasonal job opportunity to show how well you mesh with others in the work environment and how you’re worthy of being kept after the holidays. For more tips to securing employment around the holidays, read: ”Seasonal Employment: What Employers Are Looking For & Who’s Hiring.”
  4. Open More Opportunities While Volunteering
    The holidays are a time of giving, and volunteering at a local charity may be part of your plans. While the volunteer effort may not be specific to your profession, there are many like-minded professionals you may meet along the way. Be open to friendly networking and getting to know others. You never know where opportunities may arise. Another volunteer may just so happen to know someone at a company you have a desire to work for. Even if not, it may lead to a recommendation that further supports your reputation and helps in your professional pursuits.
  5. Utilize Free Time to Update the Resume & Conduct Job Research
    Periods of slowdown are a great time to get yourself organized and ready. Reflect on what you have done and where you want to be in your professional career. Make appropriate edits and updates to your resume to reflect information that will help you achieve your goals. Your resume should always be updated and ready! At the same time, complete research on the companies you want to apply to and obtain information on salary standards for professionals at your experience level. The more research you have completed, the better prepared you’ll be as job search effort progresses.

Utilize the opportunities available around the holiday season to get ahead!

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