5 Tips to Successful Job Searching If You’re Over 50

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5 Tips to Successful Job Searching If You’re Over 50

There are hurdles to job searching when you’re over 50. Those over 50, or otherwise nearing what many call retirement age may sometimes be looked upon as a non-ideal candidate for hire. The question many employers may be considering is: “Why invest in someone who may be in it for only a few years when we can invest in someone who may have a longer span on the job?” Age bias happens all the time, even with a federal law against age discrimination. It’s also been shown in statistic from the U.S. Department of Labor that older job seekers typically average longer than younger workers to find a new job.

While there’s nothing you can do about your actual age, there are things you can do to come across as current and worthy of hire today!

Work these factors below into your job search for greater success as an older job seeker who’s over 50:

  1. Update the resume to reduce the chance of age bias.

    Signs of your age and how current you are with your skills are present throughout your resume. Know where you need to take precautions on the resume to avoid age bias from occurring. Details like your contact information and the year you graduated are easy giveaways. For more insight and tips to resume writing for those over the age of 50, read: “Key Tips For Resumes For Those 50+.”

  2. Have a professional online presence.

    While not required, it’s to your advantage to have at least a LinkedIn profile. Many employers today expect job candidates to have presence on LinkedIn. It’s viewed by employers as a secondary source of information that goes beyond the resume to tell your story as a professional. LinkedIn also serves as a great resource to job seekers for job searching, applying to job openings, and most importantly, networking your way to the right contacts.

  3. Utilize your network of contacts.

    The most effective approach to job searching isn’t job boards. It’s networking! Strong relationships with the right people can help to get you in front of employers and invited to a job interview. Employers generally prefer to bring on board people who they know, not a random job applicant with no ties and relationships to the employer. You’re shot at landing a job interview and getting hired is stronger when you have an insider vouching for you. Now, your age is less of a concern, and it’s more about what really matters when it comes to hiring – your experience, skills, and how well you’ll fit with the workplace culture and its people.

  4. Focus on what’s recent and current.

    Your expansive years of experience offers you a lot to talk about and reference, but you must remember that for your resume and the job interview most employers are only interested in your recent experiences and accomplishments. Focus on what’s important to the employer, but make sure that it’s also relevant to today.

  5. Believe in yourself.

    If you don’t show confidence in yourself, it’ll be hard for employers to see your value. Know that there is a job out there for you and employers are looking for people with your type of experience and skills. It’s up to you to stand up and show how you’re different from competitors. Show why you’re the better pick for the job. For additional tips to prove you’re the best fit for the job, read: “3 Things That Give You The Strongest Chance of Getting Hired.”

Job searching generally doesn’t come easy, especially when you’re over 50, but knowing the hurdles against you and knowing how to address it improves your success.

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