Career Mistake: Staying Too Long on the Job

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Career Mistake: Staying Too Long on the Job

We all have a desire to find jobs and careers that let us do what we love. Oftentimes, that means we need change to make it happen. Young professionals are especially known for rapidly changing jobs and even careers. Within the first few years out of college, young professionals will test the waters. They often make frequent job changes out of the desire for faster career advancement or for better pay. No matter what the reasoning is, what’s important is that we all find our way to where we want to be with experiences that will support growth along the way.

When you don’t have experiences that support growth, it can lead to a career mistake. There are many stories of professionals who stayed too long on a job where they were unhappy or where there may have been dysfunction, which created a toxic work environment. This can all quickly turn into job burnout, and even a sense of hatred towards a profession you once thought of as your dream career.

Professional growth can come to a halt when you overstay at a bad job. You can end up wasting both time and opportunities for career advancement. It can also cause mental and psychological damage.

Here are some common signs to look for in determining whether you’re staying too long on a job, and if it’s hurting your career more than helping it:

  • Anxiety and Depression: If you’re continuously feeling anxious, sad, and hopeless at work, that can all lead to greater troubles down the road at work and in your personal life. It’s always good to follow your heart.
  • Loss of Enjoyment for Work: Do you dread going in to work and can’t wait for to clock out at the end of every day? Are you becoming less social at work and feeling detached from others in the work environment? All of these are bad signs. Your performance may be hindered at work because of it and it can create isolation that is unhealthy for you professionally.
  • Lack of Confidence & Feelings of Hopelessness: Do you feel ineffectiveness and hopelessness no matter how hard you try or how many hours you put in to the day at work? Are the results are just not there. This may be a sign of job burnout taking its toll.

There are ups and downs in every job, but be watchful of some of these warning signs where you may be reaching a point of job burnout. It’s necessary to act and change the situation you are in whether that means changing jobs or finding a new career that’s more fitting to your personality and personal desires.

Oftentimes the stress and symptom do not go away on their own. It’s up to you to make change happen and to prevent a career mistake that either eats up time, career advancement opportunities, or worst, hurts your mental and psychological healthy state.

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