Best Websites for Job Seeking College Graduates

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Best Websites for Job Seeking College Graduates

Graduation is a short distance away, so now is a good time to start researching and begin conducting your job search. Having a job secured by the time you graduate can mean becoming able to start paying off any college loan debt faster. But, even more exciting than that is the launch of your dream career! You’ll be entering the real world, where you can put everything you know to the test. While getting there is not always the easiest task, you can find help with resources available online.

Here are some of the best websites for new college graduates and up-and-coming professionals:

  • LinkedIn: It’s a professional networking site, but many companies today are also using it to post job openings. Talent acquisition professionals heavily rely on it to find new talent. The social networking platform can also be used to research companies and appropriate contacts at the company to network with. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized for success before you start networking efforts or applying to jobs via LinkedIn. For tips for your LinkedIn profile, read: “12 Ways to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Out There to Help with Your Job Search.”
  • Indeed: Job aggregator sites like Indeed make life so much easier for job seekers. Indeed pulls job postings from all the main sources, including company websites, industry websites, and job listing sites. Find job openings by filtering them down to a keyword, location, company name, title, or salary range. It also allows you to post your resume, so that it will be searchable by employers. Remember, before you make your resume public, tailor it to speak to the needs of employers. For tips for your resume, read: “Ways New Grads Can Fine-Tune the Resume to Land the Job.”
  • Simply Hired: Not only can you tailor your job search, there’s also a salary estimator to help you get a reasonable expectation that considers both the local and national average for that type of position.
  • Monster: It’s been a key player for job seekers since the beginning of online job searching. Monster is a global source for job opportunities. Like many of the other job search sites, you can also post your resume for employers to search, and find helpful tips and advice through articles.
  • AfterCollege: As it says in its name, this site targets college students and recent graduates for life after college. It features entry-level jobs and internships. It also has employers who are looking to hire students and graduates from specific schools, so you can explore opportunities in that manner through its Career Networks section.
  • College Recruiter: It helps recent graduates find internships, entry-level jobs, as well as part-time jobs. While it serves as a job search site, other helpful features available include articles, blogs, and videos offering valuable insight and tips.

Job searching is not simply about finding the right job posting, applying for it, and then waiting around for a response to come. There are other ways you can expand on opportunities and build your professional brand along the way.

Visit the Company’s Career Page
Companies large and small alike will often feature job openings directly on their website as well as on their social media pages. “Like” and “Follow” these companies on social media. Review their website for a better sense of its work culture. There may be postings on team wins, holiday parties, and pictures of life in the office. The more you know about the company and its culture, the better you can customize your resume and be prepared for the next stage of the job search process – the interview.

Search Hashtags
Easily find the latest job openings conducting a search on social media using hashtags. If you’re in search of a marketing job, there are a variety of relevant hashtags to search by. If you’re not sure of the direction you want to take and simply want to explore all opportunities available, then search by a general hashtag like #hiring. Searching by a relevant hashtag on Twitter and many of the other social media platforms will quickly allow you to see the most current job opportunities available and which companies are currently hiring.

Keep Networking Alive & Healthy
Never stop networking, ever! Referrals remain the most effective approach to helping you get in front of employers and securing that job interview. If you have the right contact, it could help you skip straight into the office for an interview. Of course, you’ll still need your resume! Find more tips to effective networking, reading: “Network Your Way into a Job…”

Explore Other Paths to Your Dream Career
Not everyone coming out of college will secure an entry-level position at the company they dream to work for. It can be especially difficult to break into some fields, but don’t be discouraged. Be open to other paths that will direct you to your dream career. It may mean taking on the role of intern, especially if you don’t have any previous internship experience by the time you graduate from college. There are also volunteer opportunities where you may not receive pay, but the experience and skills gained and the people you meet will be invaluable.

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