What to Do If You’re Still Job Hunting Months After Graduation

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What to Do If You’re Still Job Hunting Months After Graduation

Whether it’s just dawned on you that months have gone by since graduation and you’re still unemployed, or that you’ve been hitting the pavement for months job searching with no results, don’t panic just yet! The fact of the matter is that you’re not alone. While the unemployment rates have been looking better, not everyone is out of the woods. You may be feeling that you’re at a low point in your life, but keep in mind that your unemployment status does not define who you are as a professional. Don’t be discouraged! There are things you can do to improve the situation you’re in right now.


Take these steps to help get your career started and land your dream job:

Revisit the Resume
If you’ve been job searching for months and have been getting minimal results, it’s time to revisit your resume. Even if you’re just getting started, it’s important to have another look at your resume to make sure it’s polished and ready. A resume that does not speak to the employer’s needs and requirements is bound to fall by the wayside. For tips to improving the resume, read: Ways New Grads Can Fine-Tune the Resume to Land the Job.


Job Hunt with a Plan
One doesn’t head into a mission without a plan. Job searching is no different. Have a plan on what you need to do and stay focused on accomplishing those goals. If you only have 3 hours today for job hunting, define how you are going to spend/allocate those hours. Know what you want to achieve on each daily job search mission. For more tips, read: Best Job Search Advice: Building a Job Search Plan.


Go Back to Your Roots – Alumni
It’s always easier to get your foot in the door when you know someone there. That’s why networking is one of the best methods to helping you find a job. Work with your school’s Career Services office to find appropriate fellow graduates to speak with, whether it’s simply for advice or to make important connections that will help get you noticed by an employer. It’s easier than ever today to build a professional network of contacts with the people who have attended your school. For more tips, read: Networking through Alumni to Help Find Your Next Job.


Start Temping
A resume showing you’ve been employed recently is generally better than one that shows a long period of unemployment. As you’re working your way up to that dream job, consider temporary work that’s relevant to your professional goals. Even if you’re temping as an Administrative Assistant at an accounting firm with the goal of becoming a Junior Accountant, the temp job opportunity helps in putting you one step closer to where you want to be. Under some form of a relevant setting, you are putting your mind and skills to work. It’s also a great opportunity to meet important people in your field and gain office experience. For more tips, read: Turning a Temporary Job into a Permanent Position.

Finding your first job after college can be stressful. While the goal is to secure that dream job, in many instances, college grads simply need to work towards getting their foot in the door. The early stages of your career should be used to gain experience and sort through the vast opportunities. Don’t worry about pinpointing exactly where you need to be, you will find your way in time. The first couple of years after graduation are known to be unstable, with more frequent job changes necessary for finding the right fitting path.

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